Sign the letter of support below and let the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection know you believe that Atlantic Sunrise is a key piece of energy infrastructure that will help millions more Americans gain greater access to affordable, reliable, environmentally responsible and domestically produced energy. After signing your name below you will receive an email about additional opportunities to support Atlantic Sunrise. Take action today.

Dear Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection,


For more than 60 years, the Transcontinental (Transco) pipeline – one of the most vital components of America’s energy network – has moved natural gas through Pennsylvania safely and reliably. This important pipeline and others like it are not only helping provide greater access to affordable and reliable energy, but they’re also helping our country achieve carbon-reduction and other environmental goals.


A proposed expansion of this pipeline – Atlantic Sunrise – will not only help us maintain our environmental momentum, but it will likely also help us accelerate it by providing more people, utilities and businesses access to a ready supply of Pennsylvania-produced natural gas that can meet around-the-clock energy needs affordably and reliably.


I support Atlantic Sunrise and want the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to permit Atlantic Sunrise without delay. 


My understanding is that since the project was first proposed back in 2014, Williams, the owner and operator of Transco, has taken a collaborative approach when working with land owners, regulators and other key stakeholders to plan and develop this much-needed pipeline. 


As a result, Williams has adjusted more than half of the originally planned route and worked extensively to minimize the environmental impacts associated with this project. That is one of the many reasons why the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s draft Environmental Impact Statement concluded Atlantic Sunrise’s environmental impacts would be reduced to less-than-significant levels with the implementation of recommended mitigation measures.


Williams’ environmental stewardship is further evidenced through its Atlantic Sunrise Community Grant and Atlantic Sunrise Environmental Stewardship programs, which have contributed more than $3.5 million to 148 fire departments, schools, townships, hospitals and – in coordination with The Conservation Fund – 17 conservation projects throughout the proposed pipeline route.


Atlantic Sunrise is a critical infrastructure investment sorely needed in Pennsylvania. It will help millions more Americans gain access to affordable, reliable, environmentally responsible and domestically produced energy. It will also provide many short- and long-term economic benefits, such as jobs, taxes and countless game-changing business investment opportunities.


For nearly 110 years, Williams has been and remains committed to using best engineering and operations practices to ensure public safety and protect the environment. With this in mind, we simply cannot afford to delay this critical energy infrastructure. Please permit this pipeline as soon as possible.



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